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We thank the following colleagues who have checked the entries for various countries or states on our behalf: R. Tucker Abbott, Philippe Bouchet, Walter Cernohorsky, Eugene Coan, Richard Kilburn, Ian Loch, Bruce Marshall, Akihiko Matsukuma, Paula Mikkelsen, Robert Moolenbeek, Richard Petit and Walter Sage; their assistance was indispensable.

In addition, a large number of individuals provided information on certain publications. These include Roland Anderson, Chris Appleton, Jose, R. Arrébola Burgos, Ruby Barry, Alan Bebbington, Connie Boone, Carol Boswell, Marion Britz, Linda Brunner, Paul Callomon, James Carlton, Jean Cate, Barb Collins, Phil Colman, Marcus Coltro, Alexandre Dias Pimenta, Phyllis Diegel, Karl Edlinger, Yves Finet, Laurie Ford, Peggy Fox, Levente Füköh, Daniel Geiger, Dorothy Germer, Raye Germon, Riccardo Giannuzzi-Savelli, Kathy Glass, Mark Grygier, Alison Haynes, Sue Hobbs, Roland Houart, Russell Jensen, Jürgen H. Jungbluth, Rudolf Kilias, L. A. Koestel, Florence Kuczynski, Marc Lavaleye, Betty Lawson, Jóse Leal, Harry G. Lee, Jesús López Llorens, Charlotte Lloyd, Ian Loch, Steven Long, Konstantin Lutaenko, Ryuichi Majima, Jordan Marché, Bruce Marshall, Carole Marshall, George Metz, Henk Mienis, Ken Moran, Walter Morgan, Betty Muirhead, Olive Peel, Frances Perry, Charles Pettitt, Alfonso Pina, William Pitt, Berneice Plummer, Guido Poppe, Thomas Rice, Gary Rosenberg, Richard Salisbury, Fabrizio Scarabino, J. B. Sessoms, Carlos Prieto Sierra, Carol Skoglund, Shirley Slack-Smith, John Stanisic, Mike Sweeney, José Templado, Jane Topping, F. White, Thora Whitehead, Peggy Williams, Shi-Kuei Wu, and Yoshizo Yukita; we appreciate their help.

Kenneth Boss, Eugene Coan, William Emerson, M. G. Harasewych, Richard Johnson, Richard Petit and Gary Rosenberg provided helpful discussion concerning the content and the introductory material of the 1991 paper here excerpted.

Rüdiger Bieler

Department of Zoology/Invertebrates
Field Museum of Natural History
1400 S Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60605-2496, USA.
e-mail: bieler@fieldmuseum.org

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