Mueller and Wu (1997) published a book summarizing many of Singer's contributions to the study of fungi (see About Hard Copy). The major part of the book consists of an index to all of the genera, species, and infraspecific taxa described by Singer, including information on the type specimen, place of deposition, and a literature citation for the type description. Now the index and a bibliography of Singer's 440 publications are presented as a searchable database. Currently we are confirming the existence of the type specimens in the herbaria as indicated in Singer's publications. If you have comments or corrections, please contact Qiuxin Wu or Gregory M. Mueller.

Before you search the database, please understand that in this index, species, variety, and form names published by Rolf Singer are listed with literature citations and type specimen information. This database is intended to treat specimen-based taxa that Singer described in the literature. New genera published by Singer are included. New combinations, nomina nova, and supraspecific names are not included here. Holotype information, including type locality, date, collection number, and herbarium of deposit, is from Singer's original publications. In the few cases of discrepancies found between Singer's publications, we consulted his unpublished field notebooks and appended a short note or discussion to the listing. Many of Singer's taxa were described before enforcement of certain rules by the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (i.e. 1 January 1935 for Latin diagnosis and 1 January 1958 for typification). Taxa described after 1935 without a Latin diagnosis are annotated with "No Latin diagnosis". Some taxa described before 1958 have data on the origin of the type specimens but do not have a designated holotype. The word "probably" prior to a herbarium name indicates that the herbarium is the possible place of deposit based on Singer's unpublished field notes and Singer's habit to deposit type specimens in the institution where he was working, even though it was not clearly stated in his publication. Herbarium abbreviations are from Index Herbariorum (Holmgren et al., 1990, New York Botanical Garden, Bronx. 693 pp. http://www.nybg.org/bsci/ih/searchih.html).

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